Not a Single Sport Develops our Muscular Strength and Bodies as well as Kettlebell Athletics...
— Ludvig Chaplinskiy, Russian magazine Hercules in 1913.
Jason C. Brown | Featured Magazines

With well over 2000 certified trainers in numerous countries, our Kettlebell Certifications for Fitness Professionals (Kettlebell Athletics One & Two) is one of the top Kettlebell Certifications in the world.

Personal trainers, fitness professionals and strength & conditioning coaches from all areas of the world are attending our Kettlebell Certification for Fitness Professionals to develop and refine essential kettlebell exercises and skills and learn how to integrate kettlebells with other training options for complete overall development and success.

I began my foray into the world of kettlebells at a Kettlebell Athletics 2 day kettlebell training seminar a few years ago. Looking back, I don’t know how I trained before learning so much about kettlebells from Jason. Throughout the seminar, which was attended by almost 50 personal trainers, Jason managed to coach the whole group, while still paying great individual attention to each attendee. I still remember how, somehow, through the thicket of 50 trainers learning how to clean their kettlebells, Jason saw that I was having trouble, came over, and kept teaching and encouraging until I got it right.

When the chance came to take the Level 2 training 4 months later, it was a no brainer. Here we learned more advanced lifts and double kettlebell lifts, and again, Jason continued to provide super-clear and easy to follow instructions, while still paying as much individual attention as was needed.

Now, I incorporate kettlebell training into my regular fitness programs that I design for both myself and my clients. I’ve been able to go from using the 16 kg bell for most lifts to the 40 kg bell, in under a year, and I have Jason to thank for that.

I still go to Jason when I have questions about kettlebell training, and proudly wear my Kettlebell Athletics T-Shirt! When it comes to kettlebell instruction, Jason is the man!
— Michael Wolf

Kettlebell Athletics has worked with the following companies...providing their staff and professionals with kettlebell education, information and resources:

  • Equinox Fitness Club
  • Midtown Athletic Club
  • Fitness Together
  • International Youth Conditioning Association
  • Perform Better
  • National Fitness Business Alliance
  • The Mayo Clinic
  • Global Fitness Center
  • SeaCoast Kettlebells
  • Fun Intelligent Training
  • Many YMCAs
  • And many small independent fitness and performance studios across the globe! Thank you very much.