Kettlebell Training Certifications

Kettlebell Athletics' Kettlebell Training Certification  for Fitness Professionals

With over 1000 certified trainers in numerous countries our Kettlebell Athletics' Kettlebell Certification for Fitness Professionals is one of the top kettlebell certifications in the world.

Personal trainers, fitness professionals and strength and conditioning specialist from all areas of the world are attending our Kettlebell Certification for Fitness Professionals to develop and master essential kettlebell exercises and skills and learn how to implement kettlebell training with other training options for complete overall development and success.

 More than just another kettlebell training workshop or seminar, our Kettlebell Training Certification Program is designed to ensure that you learn, observe, practice and implement safe and effective kettlebell training techniques.


Jason C. Brown is one of the very best kettlebell instructors I've had the good fortune in meeting and learning from; and that's saying alot because there are some absolutely outstanding kettlebell instructors around the world whom I've watched and learned from!

Jason has the rare ability to break complex movements into clear, concise and simple to understand cues. His passion shines through and he clearly wants all of his students to become better practitioners.

We utilize quite alot of his methods with our adult personal training groups as well as all of our athletes at our sports performance training facility. Jason has always responded to my emails and phone calls promptly and always has the answer!

He's the "real deal" - a first-rate educator!

Bryan Briddell, Ph.D. - Saratoga Springs, New York



Jason helped me look at Kettlebell training in a new light not only did he cover everything from the basics to advanced lifts, he tought me how to teach safe and effectivly. I have seen a direct impact on my training business both the financial side and educational side. He is clear, concise and makes learning enjoyable. Thanks!


Matt Wessels MS CSCS - San Mateo, CA USA



This 12-hour certification course includes personalized instruction, verbal and visual teaching cues as well as partner exercises to maximize safety and promote high quality movement and instruction.

Our course also includes an extensive hands-on learning period to guarantee and solidify your ability to understadn and implement kettlebell training methodology into a broad scheme of program design.


Pamela is everything you could look for in a trainer. She is smart, motivating and knows how to overcome obstacles. She is excellent and breaking down the training techniques so that anyone can understand them. She gets a level of training out of you that you, yourself did not know you could. She leads by example and everything she has accomplished is a huge inspiration to me. 

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health, their strength and their life.


Carrie Dale RKC - Exton, PA USA



Jason is not only a talented KB Trainer, he is intelligent, nice, and a great teacher. As a Personal Trainer I see a lot of bad trainers and even worse personalities and I can say without a doubt that Jason exudes everything that not only a Personal Trainer should, but everything a great teacher should.

His staff equally reflects his judgement and ability as they were also top notch and simply a joy to work with. We had fun, I learned a lot, and learned a great new way to train the human body.


Prescott - New York, NY


Exercise Science, Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy are addressed through a comprehensive Power-Point presenation adn an in-depth instructors manual that include exercise illustrations and descriptions as well as performance tips to maximize the effectiveness and safety of each kettlebell exercise.

You must eb able to verbally, visually and physically demonstrate and explain each kettlebell exercise in detail. You must also express a comprehensive understanding of the associated sciences Exercise Science, Biomechanics and Program Design.


I have had the honor to learn from Jason at several different seminars and his instruction is elite. I have trained under several kettlebell tutors and Jason is second to none.

His clear teaching methods and attention to detail make his class educational and enlightening. He is a master of technique and theory and is an open resource to all he teaches.

Jason has always been willing to answer questions and give advice to me. His counsel has been invaluable to my development as a professional. I am proud to be his student and recommend him with the utmost confidence.


John Wild Buckley RKC - Oakland, CA USA



Our Level 1 Kettlebell Certification Course is physically and academically demanding.


Each course is 12 hours in duration and covers:

  • How to train safe and avoid injury
  • How to master basic and intermediate kettlebell exercises
  • How to develop strength
  • How to develop power
  • How to develop Strength-endurance
  • How to develop Power-endurance
  • How to bridge the gap between strength training and cardio, kettlebell complexes and combos
  • How to create mobility and stability
  • How to put it all together!


Quick Note: Kettlebell Athletics' Kettlebell Certification Course for Fitness Professionals is not a "Paid for Certification Program." You must earn your kettlebell training certificate and the privilege to call yourself a Kettlebell Athletics' Coach. Please be prepared an intense physical and educational kettlebell experience.

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**Kettlebell Athletics has a 90 cancellation policy. In order to receive a full refund you must give us written notice prior to 90 days of the event. This allows us enough time to fill your spot. Once it is within 90 days of the event you are no longer eligible for a refund and we will have made all arrangements planning for you to attend.**