"The true purpose of your movement practice is to elevate your spirit...not your heart rate." - Jason C. Brown

Combine the freedom to move with the freedom to think and dream and you have real strength. Let go of the categories and limitations modern strength training has put on your movement potential and abilities. Be an ambassador for the three purposes of training: To Protect, Provide and PLAY!

See the world as your playground.

The joy of overcoming obstacles is deep within your DNA. Whether the beckon of heavy iron or the challenge of climbing a good tree, you have a buffet of obstacles to conquer. Preparation has as much to do with the purpose of our mission as anything else, and so we have a profound connection with movement and strength, and use it to guide our journey.

My purpose is to re-instill passion and romance into our connection with movement and play, to make movement and ability our primary aim, over appearance and ego, and to let joy, pleasure and excitement be our main motivations and inspirations.

Here’s how we’ll do it

• Escape numerical obsession and embrace physical expression.
• Build strong communities through movement, play and re~creation.
• To practice strength and meaningful movement in our everyday lives.
• To cultivate a sensible and sustainable movement practice and culture.

If my message resonates with you please stay in touch. See below.