Jason C. Brown | Bamboo Studios
Coaching my clients and athletes to do their best inside our studio is only one aspect of my business. Helping my clients and athletes perform at their best outside the gym is the other.
— Jason C. Brown - Owner & Head Coach

Bamboo Studios is much more than a typical gym. We're not just a space where you lift some weights and mindlessly chase after calories. It is a dojo of sorts, a sacred place where we cultivate strength and meaningful movement in our everyday lives despite difficulties and daily-living.

It's a place where we embrace and expand on our relationship with strength and movement. You will learn and master the FUNdamentals of progressive human movement and athletic development in an approach that is primal, practical and playful.

Initially, you will learn how to move using a variety of tools and approaches including natural gymnastics and bodyweight training, kettlebell exercises and martial-arts inspired movements and tools.

From there we slowly transition from "learning to move to moving to learn..." about yourself, and your strengths and the joy and pleasure of human movement and the impact movement has on your life and your performance outside the gym.

If you're local or just dropping by our wonderful area and would like to work with me please go here: Coaching