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Unlocking the Kettlebell Basics Workshop

"Unlocking the Kettlebell Basics" Workshop at the Body Transformation Center in Tonawanda NY.

This was quite an awesome workshop. We strayed from the typical format and curriculum and basically did a free-flow question and answer format for 4 hours.

The owner, Trevor Buccieri took our Level One Kettlebell Certification a few years ago, has great technique and did an incredible job transferring his skills and teaching onto his staff.

Their basics were solid so we moved into intermediate and advanced skills as well.

Unlocking the Kettlebell Basics




Kettlebell Athletics One Miami

Kettlebell Athletics Certification Miami

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with these awesome folks from the Miami area. 

Some highlights from this weekend:

  • Several people took our Kettlebell Athletics One course a few years ago and came back last weekend to stay fresh on their skills and see what new progressions/regressions and coaching cues we added to the course. For that, thank you very much.
  • Since here were several martial artists in the room we talked about hips throws, windmills and Turkish Get-Ups and how similar they were to martial art skills and techniques. 
  • Dize, who is from Turkey helped us translate some text regarding kettlebell training & history from a famous Turkish museum.

Thanks everyone. Hope to see you all soon.